Say What?

Sometimes it is better to say nothing.

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I Hate Everything

The hate is on. This zombie dead blog was hating everything randomly and came back for one last hate three years later. Don't you hate that? Just when I was starting to like the blog.
I hate it when snow won't stick.
I hate it when it won't snow.
I hate people that hate snow.
I hate cheap beer swillin' holyier than thou Punk Rockers
I hate red wine sippin' holyier than thou Goths
I hate motorcycle owening holyier than thou Hard Rockers
I hate granola crunchin' holyier than thou Hippies
I hate anti-abortion holyier than thou Right Wing Republicans
I hate "the world is unfair" sayin holyier than thou Bleeding Heart Liberals
I hate blue colored soap
I kind of don't like emo-rock
I hate being hungry, thirsty and lazy all at the same time.
I hate it when I say "I need some more memory for my computer" and people suggest that I buy a zip drive.
I hate dead ball point pens.
I hate empty beer bottles because they should have beer in them.
I hate lists like this.
I hate that the people I am stalking don't update their webpages enough.
I hate when people pronounce the t in often.
I hate wafflence
I hate the Mona Lisa
I hate the fact that the laws of physics can only be changed under laboratory conditions
I hate the triple 7 on a dart board because it is only worth 21 points
I hate being a flighty girl.
I hate being forced to be an outgoing person
I hate this stupid blog. Nobody *ever* writes here!
Alright, this is going to be a running list of random things to hate. If you want to join, just send me an email
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Early Days of Kansas

It was a wild frontier in the early days of the internet in Kansas.

The search for Daniel Moores continues. After he was discharged from the union army he got a 160 acre homestead in Kansas. Was there for a few years and was very positive in letters to kin folks about the opportunities for farmers of the homesteads there in Kansas.

Dad told Pat before he died that his grandma Miley used to tell the kids stories about living in a dugout in Kansas and fighting off the Indians there.
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Elements (Opinions on Everything)

Opinions on everything... George Bush, Al Gore, Dennis Miller, TV, society, life in general. That sort of thing.

There is plenty of nothing on everything here. Sometimes opinions are worth nothing. Clearly the case here.

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Bored Before Christmas

Here is a kid who summed up Facebook before it was even created. Obviously she (Sasha) was the chairman of the bored.Who names their blog Christmas and leaves us gifts of boredom.

Incidentally this zombie dead blog named after Christmas never made it to Christmas. It was dead before Halloween.
I'm so unbelievably bored with the online teenage webpage community. Its just one big online popularity contest. Its just like the highschool i managed to avoid. Everyone judges everyone else on how their pages look, not what their content is. Sound familiar? Its just a way for those of us who aren't part of the elite in real life to be elite somewhere else. It doesn't bother me that much, but its just so trite. I'm working on a project right now. Hopefully, it'll work out. I've almost had my fill of the online teen community. I mean, goodness. I'm starting to capitilise letters! meh.
ive rethought my online-ness and i think i know what i want to do with myself but i'm still working at stuff so.. when i'm done i guess i'll note it or something. mmhm. 
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Say What!

Say what! Say nothing.

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Canada Day Blogs

Everything you need to know about Canada. Canadian Blog, eh?  Just shows you how much the world knows about Canada? Nada. That's ca-NADA. Happy Canada Day.

I’d like to be a contributing editor and post to this blog. Are you looking for contributions?

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